Most Runs in IPL History

Most Runs in IPL History. Batsman with most runs in IPL History. The writing is a part of our ongoing coverage of the Indian Premier League. We will provide all the updates of the upcoming IPL, called IPL 15, here on our site. As we are having flashbacks before starting another season of the Indian Premier League, here we will discuss Most Runs in IPL History, which is indeed a piece of important information that you need to know before starting your IPL journey once again. So, relax, enjoy the writings, and go through the complete informative article prepared to serve your needs.

IPL History: Most Runs

Most Runs in IPL History

So far, there have been 14 seasons of IPL, and it can be said without going that it is the most popular T20 franchise-based tournament all around the world. In these 14 tournaments, many matches have been played, and many players have taken part. But among them, when it comes to Most Runs in IPL History. Know more on this topic and continue reading.

Virat Kohli: The Run Machine of IPL

From 2008 to 2021, Virat Kohli has played every single season, and he is just phenomenal when it comes to scoring in IPL matches. He has played 207 matches so far in which he has scored 6283 runs with an average of 37.29 with 5 centuries and 42 fifties. He is undoubtedly the most successful batsman in the history of IPL and has a decent strike rate of 129.94 in the process.

From Two to Four: Dominance of Indian Players

After Virat Kohli, the next three spots also belong to Indian players, and they are as follows:
Shikhar Dhawan is the second-highest score in IPL history with 5784 runs in 192 matches with an average of 34.84. In number three, there is Rohit Sharma, who scored 5611 runs in 213 matches with an average of 31.17. In number four, the player is Suresh Raina, with 5528 runs in 205 matches averaging 32.51.

Number Five to Ten: More Big Names

In the next six spots, you will find top-class batsmen. In five, there is David Warner with 5449 runs, in six, there is AB de Villiers with 5162, and the next spot belongs to Chris Gayle with 4965 runs just in 142 matches with an astonishing average 39.72. MS Dhoni is in eighth place with 4746 runs and an amazing average of 39.55, and he is followed by Utthapa and Gambhir, who scored 4722 and 4217, respectively.

As you can see, the list is understandably dominated by Indian players. However, superstars like Warner, Villiers, Gayle also have their spot on these prestigious heights of IPL. All of these ten players are already considered icons in IPL history.


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