Highest Score in IPL History

Highest Score in Indian Premier League History. Indian Premier League, which is commonly known as IPL, has brought revolutionary changes throughout the world. This is the most engaging T20 tournament globally, with millions of fan followers. The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League will be started soon, and as usual, we will cover all the proceedings of IPL 2022 here on our site.

Highest Score in IPL History

To start, we discuss the records and keynotes of earlier 14 editions or seasons of IPL. As a part of that, today, we will again go back to the history and let you know about the highest scores scored in IPL history by individual batsmen. Please, stay with us and let us walk through the memory lane of IPL.

Top Ten Highest Score in IPL

In the earlier fourteen years of these prestigious tournaments, we have seen plenty of masterclass innings, and it is indeed hard topic top ten. So, we are just here to let you know the top 10 highest scores in terms of run scored in a single match by any batsman in an IPL match. Here is the list:

In number one, the universal boss Chris Gayle is the highest scorer in a single IPL match. In 2013, he scored 175 runs in just 66 balls for Bengaluru against the Warriors. He hit 17 sixes in that single superb innings.

In number two, there is Brandon McCallum, who scored 158 in the first match of the history of IPL way back in 2008. He hit 13 sixes, and the record stayed for a few years. In number three, there is Mr. 360 AB de Villiers, who scored unbeaten 133 in 2015 against Mumbai, in which he hit a total of 19 boundaries and 4 sixes.

In number four, there is KL Rahul, who scored 131, and in number four, there is again AB de Villers, who scored 129, which is to date the fifth-highest score in the history of IPL. From six to ten, the scores are- 128, 127, 126, and 124 scored by five batsmen and chronologically from 6 to 10 you can find- Chris Gayle once again on six, Rishabh Pant in seven, Murali Vijay, David Warner, and Joss Buttler in other positions.

Batsman Highest Individual Score

Regarding the highest scores of IPL history, you can already see from the list that Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers dictate the chart, each having two entries. Chris Gayle is in number one and again in number six, while Villers is the third and fifth-highest scorer in a single match of IPL. All in all, players from overseas rule this category as 7 out of 10 are from India.


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